Friday, January 16, 2009

Farmer's Rock!

After driving almost two hours to Augusta with no heat in my car (and -10 outside temperatures), I was SO relieved to make it to the Maine Agricultural Trades Show! My head is still spinning from all the information I gathered. There were vendors there from all over the state. I talked with several fiber ladies (one who was spinning right from an Angora rabbit on her lap), an electric fence guru who helped me figure out what would be our best options for fencing our field and chickens, people who gave me lots of options for finding beginning farm loans and grants, and even tried out a scythe for the first time. I was overwhelmed by all the giant equipment squeezed into the civic center and dreamed of owning one of those big tractors or evaporators. There were honey bees, Johnny's seeds, and just about anything else a farmer from Maine would be interested in. I was very inspired to see all the farmers and gardeners there; from old timers to the young and new, everyone coming together to connect, learn, and share the joys and hardships of being a farmer.
I ended my trip to the Trades Show with the Highbush Blueberry School, learning just about everything there is to know about growing these beauties here in Maine. I didn't get any photos of the day, but here's some pictures of our field, covered in snow...just waiting for spring. You can see a row of mulch peeking out of the snow, protecting the first vegetable planted in our field - GARLIC!

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