Monday, May 4, 2009

Planting Day

We spent yesterday in the field...tilling and planting. The blackflies are out, but still just flying around and not biting, so I wanted to get as much done as I could! It is so exciting to see our first planting of peas, spinach, radishes, and onions sprouting their little heads and imagining all the great fresh food to come. Willa and Nettie have become great helpers in the garden, really getting into planting tiny little seeds. I'm realizing just how big and independent they are getting to be. They spent part of the afternoon picking bluets, and Willa decorated her fairy houses by the stream with tiny bouquets tucked in peanut shells.

Happy, happy chickens finally getting some fresh greens in their diets. And Tom could not be happier than when he's behind the tiller! Harvest Moon (our yellow lab and inspiration behind our farm's name) and his son Amos did a great job supervising.

And I couldn't resist snapping a photo of my daffodils in full bloom!

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  1. love all the photos! What a beautiful place to live--Happytown, aptly named! I have been to Maine once--Acadia region--just lovely. But of course, we went when the black flies were not. My husband traveled through Maine to Quebec in January. (something he would rather not repeat [in January], although beautiful and very lonely)
    Your girls are just precious!