Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Despite the fact that it has rained almost every day for months, summer has indeed arrived in Maine. Beautiful flowers have been gracefully making their appearance and my garden is growing...slowly, slowly growing. Moon Dog Market and the Acadia Farmer's Market are in full swing...you can find me in Town Hill on Mount Desert Island every Friday, selling beautiful flowers and veggies from Sunflower Gardens as well as from other farmers in our area. Willa and Nettie dutifully go with me every day, and when in their better moods are great helpers.
Slugs have been my worst nightmare this year, devouring all my baby lettuce sprouts in one night. Here is one happily munching on a lupine down the road on one of our walks.
Nettie, Tom, and Willa atop the sandpit after Bar Harbor's 4th of July Parade. They had quite a time sliding down after their "hike"!
A pretty columbine that grows near the old homestead down our road, along with apple trees, hundreds of day lillies, poppies, and wild flowers such as flocks, lupines, daisies and black eyed susans. It is truely a beautiful road for our walks, and the girls love picking flowers as we go.

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  1. sounds idyllic. The farmers' market photo with your girls is fun. I bet they lure many a buyer to your booth. I know that my daughter did when I used to take her along.
    Funny, I was just thinking of you, and then here's your post!
    Last week I visited my daughter in Asheville, and there was her ladybug pincushion right next to her sewing machine!